Wedding Tuxedo & Suit Summer Trends:

Everyone knows that all the attention should be on the bride on the wedding day but who’s to say that it can’t be on you that day too. There are so many ways you make your suit or tuxedo be original on your big day. For those who are having a wedding in Summer, you should begin to consider the trends that are here to make it your own.

Formal or Not?

First, you should determine if you are having a formal wedding or a more casual wedding. If you find yourself attending multiple formal events you might want to consider purchasing a tailored tuxedo.If you find yourself only needing a tuxedo for your big day, a wedding tuxedo rental is the better choice. Use it for the special day once and then just give it back. Renting your tuxedo will also give you more opportunity to spend more time on what you can add to your tuxedo to make it more unique.

If you are having a less formal wedding, consider renting a designer suit, which will still have you looking like you are meant to be there. Renting a suit gives you more flexibility on your jacket, shoes, and vest. A non-formal wedding gives you obvious openness to follow the current summer trends that are about to begin.

Summer Accessory Trends.

This year’s Summer trends will consist of patterns, light colors, light gray, solid colors, pattern bowties, classic black and white suits, vest, pastels, and different shirt colors with your suit. For some extra summer, originality add colored bowties, patterned ties, gold cufflinks, custom tie clips, fun socks, or even fly kicks to make your whole attire come together as your own. Summer is the time to really go wild.
Summer trends are here to help your everyday work look be transformed into an original summer look. You want your look to be appreciated on your important day too, so be sure to add your own style to your wedding tuxedo or suit.

Prom 2017: 4 Tuxedo Trends

Who doesn’t love spring? Bright skies, perfect weather, blooming flowers, and of course- prom season. While you can never go wrong with a classic tuxedo, which will always be in, you may opt to go for a trendier look. Some top trends for prom 2017 are:


Going colorful.

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, a black tuxedo with a white shirt is timeless (with navy and charcoal follow shortly after). But in 2017, color is making its splash. Anywhere from tan to springing all out for brighter bolds, adding color is the go-to spring trend.

Pocket Squares.

For those who don’t want to go all out on a full colorful suit, there’s the pocket square trend that’s a few notches down. Since it’s just a small portion of your outfit, the pocket square can be almost any pattern or color. With pocket squares, it’s all in the details.

All black.

In contrast to the first trend, all black outfits are also trending right now. While it was considered unfashionable before, with the perfect fit and attention to detail, all black is extra sleek and modern. Adding a unique pocket square to this ensemble would make it even more interesting.


Geometric, plaid, cell, paisley, floral- you name it, it’s in. While not for the faint of heart, a nice patterned jacket paired with monochromatic slim trousers are a sure way to get noticed. To make a little less noise, focus on the details by going for a darker color with a more muted pattern that blends into jacket.

Prom Tuxedo Rental: Our 4 Tips

Senior year prom is one for the books. Whether you’re going with a date or your friends, prom is the time to look your best. After all, you’ll have these memories and pictures forever. Many of our prom-goers love to rent a tuxedo from us here at Elite. Here’s our top 4 tips when renting your outfit for prom:

Go with the tuxedo.

You may be debating between a tuxedo or a suit for this occasion. While both may look sharp, a classic black tuxedo is the way to go. Suits can be worn casually on almost any occasion, whereas a tuxedo is reserved for extra special events. The sleek satin details on the tuxedo will really emphasize the importance of the night and gleam in pictures taken that night, in comparison to a suit that has mild, muted detailing.

Match with your date.

It’s a part of the experience. Matching the color of your tie to the exact (or very similar) color of her dress is a staple. But before you grab just any red or yellow tie, make sure you check with her! Dresses come in a multitude of colors. Orange is definitely not the same as burnt orange. If possible, always get a swatch of her dress color. Tangerine is definitely not the same as persimmon- and yes, those are actual colors. If for any reason you and your date do not want want to match colors, stick to matching with yourself. That means getting accessories (the tie and vest) that are the same color as your tuxedo.

Pick the Bowtie.

While formal attire rules are getting more relaxed these days, the bowtie is a classic. Especially if you follow our last point with matching your date, a traditional bowtie can make any color, as wild as it is, look classy.

Shine your shoes.

This is often overlooked by men going to prom. If you’re going to rent a classic black tux, rent the shiny shoes (also known as patent leather) shoes to go with it. As with a tuxedo, patent leather shoes are reserved for special occasions. They typically only go with a tux, and not your average suit. If you do plan to go for something more subdued, like a calf-skin shoe, make sure they’re polished to the max and don’t have any brogues.

Tuxedo Term Guide

Tuxedos in Los Angeles are a must.

From Hollywood A-listers to your Average Joe, if you live in the city of Angels, you’re going to need to wear a nice tuxedo at some point in your life. While you can take the plunge and buy a suit, you could also just find a tuxedo rental in Los Angeles (like Elite Tuxedo). Before finding your perfect rental suit, it would be best to get familiar with the words that will be coming your way.

Here is your basic tuxedo guide to all the terms you’ll need to know to understand what’s going on:

Tuxedo Jacket: The most essential part of the tuxedo because it completely defines the entire outfit. Because it is such a key element, there’s an abundance of choices that need to be made in regards to what style you want. For example, while a single-breasted jacket is most popular, there’s always the option of going double-breasted.

Single Breasted: The jacket does not overlap in the front.

Double Breasted: The jacket overlaps in the front.

You’ll also need to pick your lapel details-

Notched Lapel: Considered the least formal but most popular lapel, this style has a triangular cut between the collar and lapel.

Shawl Lapel: Seamless, has no change in-between the collar and the lapel.

Peaked Lapel: Right below the collar, the lapel edge points upwards.

Cummerbund: While not a required piece of the tuxedo, this wide, pleated piece of fabric can be worn over the waist in place of a vest.

Waistcoat/Vest: A sleeveless, upper-body garment that goes over a dress shirt. While not required in a tuxedo, it is the third piece in a ‘three piece suit’.

Cufflinks: Metal fasteners that are used to hold together the cuff on the sleeve of a dress shirt. Cufflinks come in a multitude of colors (such as gold or silver) and styles. While cufflinks are only seen when the tuxedo jacket is taken off, they add a unique, personalized touch to the outfit.

Neckwear: When it comes to neckwear there are plenty of options to choose from. While it is a small piece, adding a tie adds a massive difference to the outfit.

Bowtie: The tuxedo classic. It can be bought pre-tied or the traditional wrap-around style that is tied manually into a bow knot.

Necktie: The typical long piece of decorative fabric that goes under the collar and over the dress shirt. Neckties are less formal than bowties, but come in thousands of different fabrics and prints.

Ascot Tie: A very wide necktie or scarf that is folded down and secured with a tie tack. Usually reserved for a formal daytime look.

Besom pocket: A pocket with piping on the slit. This type of pocket, that is cut into the garment instead of sewn on, is popular on the tuxedo.

Drop: The numerical size difference (in inches) between the waist and the coat. If you take a size 38 tuxedo and a 34 inch waist trouser, you have a trouser drop of 4 inches.   

Hugo Boss Tuxedos

So you’ve decided that a Hugo Boss tuxedo is what you want. After all, Hugo Boss tuxedos are renowned for their classic, timeless qualities. But now you’re not sure which Hugo Boss Tuxedo is right for you. Here are some of our favorite key details on the BOSS tuxedos that we currently carry:

The Boss Caiden Glamz Tuxedo was crafted in Italy from 100% virgin wool. It has bold silk peak lapels with a contrasting undercollar. With a single refined satinized-button, this piece has just enough formality for a modern day tux.

The Boss Cary Grant Lapel Tuxedo features an elegant satin peak lapel with jetted pockets and four kissing button cuffs. The two-piece classic fit offers the traditional masculine figure- right down to the tasteful satin tuxedo stripe.

The Boss Sky/Gala Shawl Lapel Tuxedo is distinctively smooth and elegant with its satin-finish shawl collar and regular fit. Its streamlined with a single satin-covered button.

The Boss Stars/Glamour Notched Lapel Tuxedo is the ultimate tux- designed with a silk notch lapel and features 2 satin covered buttons. It has trimming along the lapel and welt pockets.

Prom Tuxedo Trends

Here are the latest trends in Prom Tuxedos that have seen from our shop.

Classic Black and Navy Blue:


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You can never go wrong with a Classic Black Tuxedo. Whether it has a Peak or Shawl Lapel, our Black Tuxedo Packages are the right fit for any occasion. Our Navy Blue Tuxedo has also become increasingly popular as it gives the timeless look of a tuxedo a more noticeable look. Stand out from the crowd while still looking as elegant as every in our Navy Blue Tuxedos

Wedding Tuxedo Trends

Here are the latest trends in Wedding Tuxedos that have seen from our shop.

Lighter Colors for Summer:


Lighter color schemes seem to be trending as the summer brings out light colors. Beige and White, and Soft Grey and White are great color schemes to work with this summer as the color additions to your tie and other accent pieces are endless. Popular accent colors include Light Pink and Baby Blue.